Keep Your Promises

Have you ever made a promise with someone? Maybe it was something as simple as keeping a secret. Did you follow through with that promise? Did you break it? Some promises aren't so easy to break. I made a promise with my inspiration, Becky Field's, that I would continue to fight for her for the rest of my life as her body was worn out and she couldn't continue the fight alone. Mentally, she never wanted to stop fighting, but physically, cancer had made her body weak and in need of rest. I will never forget this day and how it put the purpose in my life. I went from someone who wasn't so sure what my purpose was, to very confident in what I would be fighting for in my future. Have you ever had a moment when you instantly realized what you purpose in life is? If you aren't there yet, do not give up. We all have a purpose and something to live for. Mine is my mission to keep my dear friend Becky living on.  Rest in peace, beautiful angel.


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