About Us

Rhinestones and Roses is a locally sister-owned flower, boutique and gift shop-proudly serving two communities in North Manchester and Fort Wayne, Indiana. We feel life is about the small wins- that new outfit, finding the perfect gift, or flowers to make someone's day brighter! You inspire us to do business by the golden rule, support local community, and make the world a pinker place.

Over the past 7 years, we've grown to become a top-rated floral and boutique shop with our inviting experience. We serve countless engaged couples each year and are proud to be such a reputable wedding florist! We carry small to curvy clothing and aspires to enhance beauty of people all shapes and sizes! 

Meet the amazing sister-owned trio:

Josi, co-owner graduated from Purdue University in 2013 with a BS in Horticulture Production and Marketing with a concentration in Floral Design. She has been in the floral design field most of her life and discovered her love for flowers in 4-H taking the Floriculture project. She knew she wanted to bring joy to people's lives with her passion for flowers. Her goal is to educate the public while bringing cheer to their everyday lives with the gift of flowers.

Jentri, co-owner fills the store with new and exciting products each time you visit. She has a niche for designing unique and trendy floral designs and is always looking for the next new creative design idea. Jentri graduated with a BS in Organizational Leadership and Supervision from IPFW in 2015. Her time in Fort Wayne made her fall in love with the community which made it so important that their second location be in the Fort Wayne area.

Jirni, is the youngest sister and final co-owner of Rhinestones & Roses. She graduated from Purdue University in December 2022 where she studied marketing and specialized in floral design. She leads many of the marketing efforts and is always thinking up the next big sale or event idea with her sisters.

Josi, Jentri, and Jirni are excited to pursue their dreams together of owning and operating Rhinestones & Roses. It has been the biggest blessing to build a business in two communities that feel more like family. They look forward to being a part of the ups and downs, big and small celebrations in your lives' for many years to come!


 Co-Owners/sisters Jentri(middle) and Josi(left) started with the vision of combining three passions: flowers, fashion & family. We feel we owe it to our followers, to take you back to the beginning.

Vision will get you started, passion will keep you going, and your customers will inspire you to keep evolving. If you wait for it to all make sense on paper, it will always stay on paper.
With minimal cash on hand, we bought inventory we could afford (very little). The first year, there were days we didn’t see a customer. Kindness and doing business by the golden rule helped us make it. Jentri was still in college and working full time to put all money towards the shop and buying clothes, while Josi ran the store. Valentine’s Day was only a week after opening, and it was hard to afford $1000 in flowers at the time. We hired our first beloved employee, Julie and she’s still by our side 7 years later- and now Kyra, Janean, Laira, Tiffany, Marlea! Our little sister, Jirni (right) made the decision to join our company after she finished at Purdue to become a partner of Rhinestones & Roses and complete our sister team. Year 2, we bought our own location, after local banks told us they couldn’t see it working out. Don’t ever let the word “no” stop you. We didn’t take regular pay from our business until year 5! We just closed on our biggest year yet, being able to grow during a pandemic is something we don’t take for granted. We will never forget our humble start and are simply thankful for our entrepreneurial spirited family.