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She was a wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend. Most of all, Becky was a fighter. She fought for the battle of her life, and one might say she lost. In my eyes, she won. She made an impact on more people than it might take another person their whole life to do. She was the positive light and hope for those who wanted to give up. She knew the value of what it meant to wake up and see another day and spent that time wisely and cherished every moment….

The week before Becky passed, I was able to see her one last time. She asked me to promise that I would continue to fight for her for the rest of my life and to keep spreading sparkle. It is a promise that I will not break…

The hand- crafted clothing was inspired by her and is created with that positive energy and “sparkle” that she possessed. I am still inspired by her courage and it is my mission to continue to spread sparkle around the country, in her honor. I hope I too can encourage others to continue to fight for loved ones lost and to be an optimistic light to those fighting; even if it is something as simple as sending a sparkling package, to add a little “shine” to their day.

Spread the Sparkle is about being kind and practicing optimism. There is so much negativity and if we choose to focus on it, we may lead a negative life. There is so much MORE positivity in this world, and if we are able to focus on it more, we can live a more positive life for ourselves and those around us. It’s about going out of your way to help someone. Maybe you notice someone struggling to reach an item at the grocery store and you reach up to grab it for them, or maybe even purchasing a shirt so Spread the Sparkle is able to add kindness and positivity to people who really need that little bit of shine in their day! Anyway you look at it, please remember; you have the ability to make an amazing impact on the world and on all that know you. Be the person who smiles at the person who isn’t smiling back. I believe you will do just that.





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