The New Way to Wear Florals on Your Wedding Day

The New Way to Wear Florals on Your Wedding Day
Pocket flowers, a small detail, yet one which can leave a lasting impact on your special day!
A new way to create an authentic touch to your wedding day florals.
Instead of the traditional boutonnière, we curated a design that would bloom beauty from each tuxedo pocket. These pocket boutonnieres allow us to add even more personality and flare to each member of the groom's party. They can be fully customized to your wedding colors, allowing more room to make them uniquely special to your day. The best part of pocket boutonnieres is the time and hassle it saves by eliminating those pesky pins in a traditional pin-on boutonniere.
Through our pocket boutonnieres there is even a way to add a memorial keepsake for the groom. Adding a special touch, we can place provided photos of loved ones who are no longer here on earth- so they will be on his heart the entire day!
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