3 Things to Keep in Mind For Wedding Centerpieces

3 Things to Keep in Mind For Wedding Centerpieces

Do you have a vision of what you want your reception's personality to be? It’s all in the fine details! Whether it’s a floral centerpiece or another charming display, remember these three important details to make the most out of your reception centerpieces.

  • Always make sure your centerpieces are low enough to the table or tall enough to avoid eyesight. As florists, this is a key detail of our designing process. Keeping this in mind allows your guests to get the best view and experience out of your beautiful wedding!
  • Know the number of tables so you can plan accordingly. Whether there is a variation of centerpiece style and design, or you need 25 arrangements for 25 tables. It’s important to correlate guest numbers with centerpieces needed to stay on budget. Having this in mind when you meet with your florist is very important!
  • Make sure to consider the shape of tables when planning! Round tables are perfect with a single centerpiece filling the middle, but rectangle tables may require longer pieces to keep the table from looking sparse! Florals are flexible and can be made to enhance whichever style of table best fits your reception space.

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